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Building Blocks Academy is a unique program emphasizing on motor skills, physical literacy, and long term athlete development (LTAD).  This academy builds a foundation of movement and fitness.  In order for athletes to be physically competent for sport, they need to have the ABC's of motor skills:  Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Strength!  (And of course we'll bring out of the volleyballs!)

BBA has a couple of levels to offer based on research of athlete development.  If you want your child - regardless of age - to be better prepared for athletics in the future, then this is the program for you.  Athletes will be grouped together based on age/grade according to the LTAD model.  Ages will range from 5-10.

It will be a blend of motor skill games on Sunday at SOL Physical Therapy exclusively, followed by physical competency and volleyball skills during the week at Sporting Chance Center.  Even if your child doesn't have an interest in volleyball, they will still benefit from coordination training, learning how to throw, run laterally, etc.

Thanks to SOL Physical Therapy for partnering with DIWS on this new program!

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Sol Physical Therapy is located at 3988 E Fort Lowell Rd!

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