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I too thought I was invincible when I was young...

When we are young, we don't think about the impact sports will have on our bodies as we age.  After being in and out of physical therapy for over 10 years (with my first being when I was 17!) and so many cortisone shots I've lost count - I decided I wanted to help my clients on and off the court with strengthening exercises and injury prevention specifically tailored to the young athlete.

Studies  have  found  that single-sport athletes are more likely to face overuse injuries.  With more and more kids focusing on just one sport, the injuries just keep coming.  Ask an HS or club coach about the frustrations of an injured player on things beyond a broken bone or torn ACL.  It's the things like an ankle injury that just isn't quite healing right.  Knees hurting.  Shoulders hurting.  Gone are the days of kids playing multiple sports, therefore relieving some stress on those joints.  This is where I come in.

2018-11-14 18.17.20-2.jpg

In August 2018, I finally decided to put the years of physical therapy and strength rehab to good use and became a Certified Personal Trainer.  Because I am familiar with the movements in volleyball that could cause injuries down the road, I feel that I'm a perfect person for your young athlete to go to.

(by the way... shoutout to the 2 people that helped me get to where I am:  Dr. Chad Kunz DPT (ProActive Physical Therapy, and now with his own organization: PR1ME Movement) and Tim Nordensson (does amazing training and is currently doing vertical training with young athletes!)

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